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Conveniently located within Cunningham Optical One SW

Conveniently located within
Cunningham Optical One SW

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This guy’s incredible

This Guy’s Incredible-
My story:
In Dec 2013, during my eye exam, Dr Alvarez suggested I contact my physician SOON regarding occasional “fuzziness” as I described an eyesight issue to him.

A week later I had not followed up and Dr Alvarez called me at home to see if I had set up an appointment w/ my family practice. Realizing the fact that Dr Alvarez was taking my health more seriously than I was, I soon saw my Doc.

Several weeks later — after some brain scans were done, then redone w/ better contrast— I suffered vision and speech issues (similar to stroke symptoms) at home. Family took me over to Parkview ER; they reviewed my latest scan that had yet to be read. Half hour later, I’m being ambulanced (new verb?) to Indy for neurosurgery.

Dr Michael Alvarez is one of my heroes!

- Bert L, Google 2018